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Stop the spread of coronavirus

Download the free NHS app on your smartphone. Stay safe. Save lives.

Play your part in the fight against coronavirus

The NHS is launching the first phase of a national programme to track down and stop the spread of coronavirus. During this phase we are first asking people living on the Isle of Wight to support our frontline staff by downloading the free NHS COVID-19 app.


Update for app users on the Isle of Wight

The app will soon be updated to reflect new NHS and government guidance on coronavirus symptoms.

Until then, read our advice on using the app on the Isle of Wight.

Video: The NHS COVID-19 app explained

View transcript of 'The NHS COVID-19 app explained' video

Isle of Wight NHS COVID-19 app - The app explained.

Built by a team including world-leading doctors and scientists, the NHS COVID-19 app will help control the spread of the virus.

The more people who download the app, the more lives can be saved.

If you report symptoms, the app will alert those you have come into contact with, and advise them on what to do.

Your privacy is important, so we are using Bluetooth instead of GPS, meaning we only identify that contact has taken place, not your location.

Your privacy is protected at all times. Your data is encrypted and remains on your phone unless you report symptoms.

If you report symptoms only the most at risk will be alerted.

The app does not know who you are or who you have been in contact with.

You will be able to delete the app and all its data whenever you want.

Play your part, visit to install the app.

Give feedback or report a technical problem

We'd like to hear about your experience using the NHS COVID-19 app. Your feedback will help the NHS improve it further. Or, report any technical issues you have using the app.